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Dodge City is perhaps most famous for being the location of one of the most famous western shows in history, Gunsmoke, and the city still carries that Western heritage with it today. People who live in the Dodge City apartments still love to keep the spirit of the lone gunslinger alive, and there are numerous spots around town to learn more about the history of the region, including several fascinating museums and spots of interest. Dodge City apartment-ites have plenty of opportunities to explore the world of the lone cattle drives and gunslingers, as well as the chance to explore some beautiful terrain, while at the same time, taking in some of the fantastic attractions the city has to offer.

Dodge City's most distinguished feature is its love of the Old West, so of course it features several spots to take a look at life back in the days of the cowboys. One of the best spots to do this is the Santa Fe Trail Remains, a two mile section of the once famous Santa Fe trail, or take a trip down to the Boot Hill Museum, where the kind folks recreate life in the Old West down to the very last detail, giving you a real experience in the modern day city. The town is also home to a number of fantastic theater companies, adding a nice touch of culture to the rustic town.

There's perhaps no city in the region that lives up to the Old West image, even to this day, than Dodge City. That's not the only thing in town for the Dodge City apartment-ites to do, however, with plenty of fantastic spots of interest all around the town for even the most refined tastes.

Dodge City, Kansas Apartments

Dodge City Apartments

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